Working Woman & Pregnancy

Working Woman & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life changing moment, it will be quite challenging for few people as it demands change in lifestyle for few. Nowadays working culture is common for all, woman are equally working day and night in different shift timings.

Particularly Pregnant Woman are also working till the birth to avail Maternity leave from their birth to six months, which helps in their recovery and breastfeeding journey. That is a good plan but when you choose to work throughout pregnancy then note these points to follow.

  1. Plan your day that includes healthy diet, daily workouts, normal shift timings, take breaks in between your work and move your body from long time sitting position.
  2. Sitting job is very common nowadays, so its compulsory for you to move every half an hour from one position to another.
  3. 8 hours of sleep is must
  4. Avoid carrying your gadgets to your bedroom, do not carry any office task and related gadgets to your bedroom.
  5. Work stress also makes the pregnancy unhappy
  6. Request your manager to allot pregnancy safe shift timings.
  7. Every night before you go to bed, do your meditation
  8. Everyday after you wakeup do pregnant friendly breathing exercises

Start practicing above mentioned points to have a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy though you are working you can be healthier.

Before you start anything, it seems to be difficult, but once you step in it becomes your daily routine or part of your life.

  • To stay healthy and productive on the job, women need to understand how to relieve common pregnancy discomforts and know when a work task might jeopardize the pregnancy
  • Next comes your comfortability in clothing, wear cotton cloths which is loose and airy while you are working, as you are sitting and working long hours, your hip regions generate lot of heat, so use cotton cloth and avoid wearing tight pants.
  • If you are working from home buy a birthing ball and you can use these Swiss balls to sit while working. It keeps your spine straight which is very important during pregnancy
  • If you are travelling to office daily then use any comfortable chair that supports your spine better.
  • Hear lot of affirmations and repeat the same louder to your baby in the womb
  • Hear calming music to balance your stress levels during your job
  • If you work with certain chemicals, solvents, fumes, or radiation, you might need to avoid contact with some of these workplace hazards. Your employer may have policies in place to protect pregnant women. Also, if your work is very physically demanding, it may not be possible to continue doing strenuous work.
  • Never ever control your pee or poop, just to finish your work task, that literally damages your pelvic floor muscle health.
  • Standing for long hours is also not healthy, request your higher official about it
  • Walking for 40 minutes is mandatory to move muscles and bones around your pelvis.


Stay Healthy, Do Mindful Job, Happy and Active Pregnancy

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