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An Active Mamma Sessions are tailored exclusively for the pregnant mothers who can actively indulge themselves during their pregnancy. It is a form of prenatal fitness training that extensively focuses on yoga asanas, dance movements, western work-outs, cardio, strength training and meditation.


It is a drill rendered by the founder based on her learning from a specialized mid-wife who designed it. Mommies, do not delay, join now for an amazing active mamma training!


Right time to Join: From 13th week of pregnancy (Between 13th week to 32nd week) , Its a Continuous session you can attend the session till BIRTH

Active Mamma Training

A carrying mother is certainly a caring mother who has an unquestionable care for her baby.

Post-Natal Fitness Training

Change is inevitable and for a mother, change takes over her both physically and mentally.

For all the mommies who are on the lookout for a change, take this Post-Natal Fitness Sessions.


When to start?
It is recommended to take this up 6-8 weeks after child-birth. No worries, as it is safe whether you had a vaginal or C-section delivery.
This training allows you to take off with exercises that are easy and then move on with complex ones.


Not only is this new-mommies friendly, but also suggested for any mother in her postpartum period.


The postpartum period is the first six to eight weeks after birth, or until your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state

Fight out your fear, you can hire me as your doula! It is a one-on- one support for the expecting mother to provide confidence and mental courage with which she could manage and withstand labor. Pregnancy influences a mother’s mind with a plethora of emotions. A woman can triumphantly battle out this challenging phase with the right support.


Firstly, you can take a 60-minute consultation (either online/ offline) during which the trainer will try to comprehend your adorations and aversions. It can also inform the trainer about your pregnancy health history before going for the actual labor. You can choose to make in-house services throughout pregnancy. We will comfort the ailing mom-to-be with massages and meditation, thereby assuring physical and emotional support for a memorable child birth.

Labor & Birth Doula Service

Are you a mom-to-be who is thoughtful about delivering your little one?

Labor Management Class

Do you want to be a pillar of the birthing mother during labor & birth. Then it is for you?

Duration of the session: 3+ Hours

It is a Couple Session, Pregnant Mother and the person who is going to be with the laboring mother during her birth can attend this session. Mostly that Person would be her Husband rarely Mother or Mother-in-law.


“Labor, Birth & Beyond” is a Session which explains you about physiology of labor & birth, coping techniques & tools, how husband can support the laboring mother, what can expect in induced labor? Initial Care of new born, Basics of Breastfeeding and more.


Right time to take up the session:  Any Pregnant Couple who have crossed 32weeks of their Pregnancy

It is an Offline Consultation; Foot Reflexology is a safe practice when it is rightly done by the professional. Limited reflexology points would be given to the pregnant mother. It ensures the overall health and reduces stress and anxiety during pregnancy.


During Labor and Birth, if you are hiring me as your Doula, I will be giving the respective reflexology points to have smooth labor and birth experience.


In your postpartum period, Foot Reflexology lowers the chance of postpartum depression and anxiety.

Foot Reflexology Consultation

For Overall Wellness during Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Your wellness is our pleasure!!

Active Baby Bump is a cradle to uphold your dreams. Step into the world of experiencing an active baby bump with us, where, motivation and positive affirmations are the watch words to the blooming mommies!

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