About our Fitness Training

Strength Training (Dumb-bells & Resistance Band)

Exercising during pregnancy has numerous health benefits. You can start exercising at any time during your pregnancy. But better late, than never. Strength training using dumb-bells and resistance bands aids in building strong arms that is required for carrying mothers. These workouts assure strengthening of muscles all over the body. Also, it helps in improving your balance and posture. This is an Assurance for a Better Body!

Yoga asanas & Breathing Exercises

     Yoga is a medium to relax your mind. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body. When you practice yoga, your probability of maintaining a good posture is higher. You will have the right focus on good posture as you sit or stand. Asanas release stiffness in your muscles. It also reduces lower back pain. Practice these Postures for a Picture-Perfect Life!


     Breathing exercises are certainly beneficial to handle contractions during your actual labor. It ensures enough oxygen supply for the mother and the baby. A sufficient amount of oxygen keeps the baby safe from distress.

Pregnancy Safe Dance

Hey Mommies, Beats on Feet to tickle your tiny-tots! Have the music on and you are on the go! Yes, you sway like a delicate blossom and your baby in the womb enjoys the rhythm of it. This pre-natal dance is safe for the pregnant mommies. Have some time for yourself now as you will have to give away all your time for the arriving baby in the days to come. Calm down, relax your mind as you concentrate on the music being played. Dancing is beneficial as the mother thoroughly enjoys it. You can express yourself, stay fit and healthy, and have fun during this transformative time. It is said that, when you dance, it rises blood flow, reduces blood pressure, regulates excessive weight gain, and progresses muscle tone.

Aqua & Birth Ball Exercises

Being inside water helps in avoiding maternal discomforts. When you are inside water and move your legs, the exercise seems to be simple, but are super-effective. You can relish the feel of floating. Swimming is also a best exercise. Hence, opting for aqua exercises is a therapy not only to progress your fitness but also to sense the pleasure of pregnancy!  


The term ‘labor’ means hard-work. But using Birth-ball can ease your labor. It prepares the expecting mother to handle labor in an optimistic way. It helps with aches, pains, and getting your baby in to the correct position. Using a birthing ball can increase your chances of going into labor naturally without being medically induced. Yes, A Natural way to induce your labor!

Cardio Work-outs

A Pregnant mother can do 300 squats and 250 stair-climbings with appropriate breaks in her third trimester. To achieve this count, you can start with five counts regularly and gradually from second trimester onwards. This will help in making your lower body strong. It tones muscles all over your body to easily handle labor. In our sessions, we do a lot of squats that helps to withstand labor. Hence, Sweat out Today for a Sweeter Tomorrow!


A healthy pregnancy includes both physical and emotional well-being. Healthy Mommy means a Happy Baby too, and that is what Active Baby Bump resonates. Pregnancy surely will be accompanied with sudden mood swings and meditating will help you tackle them. Mommies should be mentally prepared to fight all the ups and downs they face every day. When you meditate, you can visualize your labor, the most-awaited moment that you have been waiting to deliver your cutie-pie. You can say positive affirmations.

     Every mother will yearn to have an emotional connect with her baby. Taking up meditation will undeniably promote bonding between the mother and the unborn child. Lend yourself a space to process your feelings in a healthy way, contributing to your overall emotional wellbeing. You can have a secret communication with your baby inside! Believe, Silence can Speak Secrets to you!

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