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Hello Mommies,

 I am Mathu!

‘Experience is the mother of Wisdom’, and true to this maxim, my life is all about learning and guiding others on what I have learnt. Babies are a great adoration for me right from my childhood. Any tiny little baby I see, I grab and embrace them with utmost care and compassion.


I am a pro-active person who likes to take up various volunteering activities, was into sports both in my school and college days. I love dancing who initially wanted to take up dance as my profession. But  later, I studied Computer Science Engineering to step into science field and have proper profession for earning. After graduating, I chose to work as Software Developer and Trainer. So, I am a Java, J2EE Trainer turned Dance Trainer, Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Trainer. In this way, my life has been all about learning and guiding others on what I have learnt.


My marriage and pregnancy paved a great way for me in understanding my body. My struggle to get pregnant until three years of my marriage was the sign-post to undergo a complete change in my lifestyle, fitness, and healthy diet. This phase was the time when I was completely into fitness. I attended child-birth education class, practiced fitness as I was keen about vaginal delivery. But mine was a C-section delivery which was hard for me to accept and culminated in postpartum depression. Despite the mental stress, my physical recovery was quicker. This is when the worth of staying fit throughout pregnancy dawned in me. Therefore, with my personal knowledge and experience, I had a steely resolve to share my personal knowledge that would allow mommies-to-be to make sensible decisions and judgements.


After my baby’s birth, I was very keen about spreading awareness, providing support and educating women about childbirth and fitness. I found the importance of support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Having got my inspiration from child birth workers, I stepped into this Birth Profession. I strongly believe that, in offering right support and guidance, mothers-to-be would be fed with knowledgeable insights, paving way for them to make precise choices during childbirth.


I decided to follow passion rather than profession. My love for dance and grit to stay fit pulled me into active mamma training. I am a certified postpartum fitness trainer alongside being a certified Labor & Birth Doula Support. My urge to render a wholesome support for mommies, even during the time of their labor, encouraged me to take up a course in Doula support. Hence, my travel with mommies started since 2019. This beautiful journey would continue to grow in the days to come, making every pregnancy, a memorable one! Every birth to cherish for a life-time!!

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