Power of Affirmations

Power of Affirmations

Pregnancy is an exciting, life-changing journey, it comes with its own set of challenges. Affirmations are nothing but positive words that you can recite to yourself which helps to boost confidence, positively affect mental health, and improve your ability to find gratitude in day-to-day life. Affirmations can help you to manage any fears or doubts you may be experiencing, enabling you to have a calmer and more enjoyable nine months.

Benefits of Reciting Affirmations During Pregnancy

Pregnancy do have some challenges which makes you to drain out sometimes, you may feel exhausted, with that can come uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. Our thoughts impact our feelings, so reciting positive affirmations is a great way to encourage a healthy mindset which you are finding as a pregnancy challenge. Emotionally you will become strong and it increases confidence towards your labor and birth.

How to incorporate it in your daily life

          When I was pregnant, I printed my favorite affirmations in two different phone case cover, I used to carry it whenever I visit the hospital for checkup. Here are simple steps that you can follow to make it as a habit over the days.

  • After you go to bed, just before you close your eyes for sleep think of your favorite affirmation and say it louder to yourself, weeks later add few more affirmations
  • Write in your laptop Sticky notes app and place it on desktop, whenever you see it, read out louder
  • You can write it down in Sticky note papers and stick it on your bedroom walls, read it louder whenever you see it
  • Everyday after you take bath, rub your tummy and look into the mirror say it louder
  • Get to know about weekly growth of your baby, and add it in your affirmations
  • Make it interesting and you will love to recite daily over the time

Here are the important positive affirmations

  1. I am powerful, strong, and courageous pregnant woman
  2. I have control over my thoughts, I choose positive thoughts
  3. I am the most important person in this world for my baby, how I feel matters, I choose to feel safe and happy
  4. My body is capable of this birth
  5. My body is amazing
  6. My baby is my strength, I take time to talk and connect with my baby
  7. I can center myself with my breath
  8. I thank my baby for choosing me as a mother
  9. I accept changes in my pregnant body
  10. My changing body is proof of how powerful I am
  11. I can notice and appreciate what my body is capable of
  12. I breathe in positivity and send it to my growing baby
  13. Each contraction means I am closer to meeting my baby
  14. My body is nourishing and nurturing my baby
  15. I will do my best as a parent
  16. I will have a smooth breastfeeding Journey

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