Magic Of Visualization & Affirmations

Magic Of Visualization & Affirmations

What is Visualization?

            Visualization is a picturization of your thoughts in your mind. This can be done by bringing your focus on something specific like a memory of life, an event, desire to achieve in near future. Hold it in your mind and getting confidence over something that you badly want to achieve it.

Health Benefits during pregnancy:

  • It increases self confidence
  • What your mind believes, your body achieves it
  • It improves your sleep
  • It boosts your energy and makes you feel happy
  • It makes you relaxed
  • It is a emotional and mental wellness
  • It guides your life as you are determined and thus it drives towards your goal

Why Visualization is important? How it works?

            Fact about our body, Sub-conscious mind cannot differentiate our imaginary and something that happened in real, so if you imagine that you are healing from your pregnancy complications, if you believe in what you have visualized, your body works on healing process.

            Hope you know, our body repairs any injury, disease on its own when do we have good immunity, similarly when you are mindfully filling the positive thoughts in it, give those positive thoughts a picturization, play it as a film in your mind, especially positive thoughts and processing of those thoughts and visualizing the specific moment like laboring and birth

How to do it?

  • Hold your final goal of this pregnancy in your thoughts. Your goal may be, healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, happy pregnancy days, fearless labor, painless labor, vaginal birth
  • Imagine yourself that you are achieving this, focus on the people around you at that moment, focus on your womb and believe your baby is healthy and happy inside, focus on the feelings of you at that moment, live the moment, focus on the location like your hospitals/birth centers.
  • Make the scene that is picturized in your mind more realistic and vivid
  • If you doubt any of this, override those with your positive affirmations like “I can do this” “ I strongly Believe” “ My body is well equipped” “ I trust myself. I trust my body”
  • Focus on your breathing and positive affirmations as you visualize the scene of your birthing

Write Positive Affirmations and start guiding your mind which makes your body to achieve.

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