Baby’s Growth during First Month

Baby’s Growth during First Month

First Trimester is a period between your first day of your menstrual cycle to next 12 weeks. So, the first month of pregnancy means, the first day of your menstrual cycle followed by 4 weeks is known to be first month of pregnancy.

In Average, the women ovulate on their 14th day and that is the high fertile day, especially the woman who do have menstrual cycle length of 28 days.

You will get conceive after your ovulation period, that is around your mid of menstrual cycle. If you had the sexual intercourse around the ovulation time, there is a high chance of getting pregnant.

Egg and sperm fused together to form fetus. One cell multiplies into many thirty hours after conception. Fused egg and sperm are known as zygote, which forms in your fallopian tube. The Zygote migrates from the fallopian tube to uterus after two more days.

The Zygote contains all the genetic information (DNA) needed to form a baby, DNA is shared from mother’s egg and father’s sperm.

Your body increases the production of Progesterone, that prevents you from having a period, because progesterone prepares the tissue lining of the womb, which is known as Endometrium which allow implantation process and stimulate glands to secrete nutrients for the early embryo.

Zygote travels down to uterus where it becomes morula. Morula becomes a Blastocyst, On the Uterus lining blastocyst burrows itself into lining seven days after conception, this process is called Implantation.

Implantation of the fertilized egg on the lining of the uterus triggers the placenta to form, the placenta begins its formation and it produces a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). These HCG is released into the blood and pee, each day the level of HCG keeps increasing in pee and blood. Around the periods date of the menstrual cycle, the level of HCG can be detected through pregnancy Kits.

By Fourth week, the last week of first month pregnancy, the developing embryo rapidly dividing cells to form the various body systems like nervous system, digestive system.

Hormones plays important role right from the starting of your pregnancy, during pregnancy, during labor, birth and breastfeeding as well.

The following weeks and months are going to be so interesting, because you have given life to a beautiful soul, your body going to give perfect shape to this growing life within you.         


Article by Mathumathy.V, Active Baby Bump.

DOULA, Prenatal & Postanatal Fitness Trainer

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