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Hello Mommies and Moms-to be!

Step into a world of beautiful bumps alongside experiential learning from an experienced expert...

We are here to render our all-time support through sessions, work-outs and educational resources. Join us in making your journey of pregnancy a joyful one.


Active Mamma Training

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Postnatal Fitness Training

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Labor & Birth Doula Service

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Healthy mommy Happy baby!

Here are my services offered for you for an active baby bump:

  • Active Mamma Training
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Training
  • Labor & Birth Doula Service
  • Foot Reflexology Service

From the Founder’s Desk

Hello Mommies,

I am a Java, J2EE Trainer turned Dance Trainer, Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Trainer. My life is all about learning and guiding others on what I have learnt. As the maxim goes, ‘Experience is the mother of Wisdom’, I had a steely resolve to share my personal knowledge that would allow mommies-to-be to make sensible decisions and judgements. I found the importance of support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.


After my baby’s birth, I want to support and educate women in childbirth and fitness. Having got my inspiration from child birth workers, I stepped into this Birth Profession. I strongly believe that, in offering right support and guidance, mothers-to-be would be fed with knowledgeable insights, paving way for them to make precise choices during childbirth. I decided to follow passion rather than profession. I love to dance and be physically active that pulled me into Active Mamma Training. I am a Certified Postpartum Fitness Trainer alongside being a Certified Labor & Birth Doula Support.

About Sessions

Find what you love

Sculpt your ideal body, free your true self, transform your life.

  • Strength Training (Dumb-bells & Resistance Band)

    Dumb-bells: Lift me up for your upliftment!
    Resistance Band: Assurance for a Better Body!

  • Yoga asanas & Breathing Exercises

    Yoga Asanas: Practice these Postures for a Picture-Perfect Life!
    Breathing Exercises: Respire to Inspire!

  • Pregnancy Safe Dance

    Hey Mommies, Beats on Feet to tickle your tiny-tots!

  • Aqua & Birth Ball Exercises

    A Natural way to induce your labor!

  • ⁠Cardio Workouts

    Sweat out Today for a Sweeter Tomorrow!

  • ⁠Meditation

    Silence can Speak Secrets to you!

why others love us

We asked people what they like about our Fitness and Doula Service

mounika tunga
mounika tunga
Mathu is an experienced prenatal instructor. Am enjoying her classes that includes breathing, visualization, pelvic, and yoga postures.
Sneha S
Sneha S
The prenatal care was exceptional. The staff were consistently attentive, and the prenatal classes offered invaluable information for both pregnancy and childbirth. Our doula provided emotional support and practical advice that made our birthing experience smooth and stress-free. She was always available when we needed her. I highly recommend her services!
ragavi nagarajan
ragavi nagarajan
The Dancing sessions were the most 👌 🔥 😍 perfect part of the class..I used to enjoy the dancing part so much...The meditation Part is so relaxing.....I used to get sleep in every meditation session🤣 would be so relaxing.....The class is actually a mixture of yoga,fitness,dance and meditation....It is perfect 👌 😍 ❤....I really miss my baby bump.....and pregnancy active baby bump classesss...Missing madhu akka ....Akka used to tell many info regarding labor, breastfeeding.......Pls do make use of this amazing soul mommies.....Wholeheartedly thank u akka💕💕Love U!!
chandralekha deivasigamani
chandralekha deivasigamani
If you are pregnant or you are in postpartum, I highly recommend you to join Madhu for the workouts. I joined in prenatal fitness session. The amount of care and attention she gave me throughout the session is highly appreciable. I had pubic and sciatic pain. With every movement, she first asked me “are you comfortable?” It’s important to have trust on right someone in this beautiful phase of our life. And Madhu is the right person.
Sanju Chandran
Sanju Chandran
Session was good and relaxing and my body weight was increasing before the sessions , after continuing the session, my body weight was maintained without increasing and when I got pelvic pain I was about to drop the session , but Mathu handles it very softly and now am continuing the session without any fear .
Nivedha M
Nivedha M
The first person came to my mind when i wanted to work on my body during my second pregnancy was Mathu., but unfortunately I couldn't work that out. After my delivery the first person i reached out to was mathu for guiding me through my physical health journey. Been with her for 2 months now and she has helped me clear my Diastasis recti (DR) gap from 4 to 2 fingers and helped me heal in my postpartum journey. If you are looking for pre/postnatal services from someone whom you can be comfortable with, then she is definitely the one. Wishing you the best Mathu and thank you.
Saroj Nathan
Saroj Nathan
I have been following Mathu even before my pregnancy, and I decided I will join her class whenever my time comes. I joined Active Baby Bump online sessions after my first trimester and continued till the last month of my pregnancy. Throughout my journey Mathu helped me increase my stamina and leg strength and provided excercise as per the Gestational age. I could easily do 100 squats and 50+ duck walks by the last trimester. Because of my fitness regime I had a smooth pregnancy with little nausea, no Gestational diabetes and normal blood pressure throughout. My baby was in ideal position from the start because of the yoga and descended naturally in the pelvis during the end and I got spontaneous contraction, good effacement and my water broke naturally as I progressed through labour easily and fast with no intervention. Mathu's class is a combination of warmup, cardio, hip opening excercise,pelvic floor strengthening excercise, dance routine , breathing excercise,birth ball excercise, meditation and visualisation. All of these helped me stay active till the last month of my pregnancy and during my labour as I did the breathing excercise to bear the contraction and did excercise during labour for progressing. She also has flexible and multiple time slots a day. She customises the intensity as per the person and corrects posture regularly. She regularly resolves our query about pregnancy and childbirth. Best part about my pregnancy journey is my gaining only pregnancy weight. I was 66kgs before pregnancy, 71kgs before delivery and 67kgs after delivery. Even with history of PCOS , I had a healthy pregnancy with no GD. I was always a believer in power of excercise for having a wholesome life, I recommend a fitter lifestyle in pregnancy for good labour outcome and healthy pregnancy.

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